New! Robot Safety Training 26 jun 2012

 New! Robot Safety Training
(1 day: 09.00 - 16.00)

Training objectives
The aim of the training is to provide those who integrate robotic systems an understanding of the
essential requirements of robot safety. This course examines how the risks associated with the use of
robotic systems should be assessed and how to achieve safety with high availability and productivity.

Your benefit
• Apply correct strategy to ensure right first time engineering
• Reduce complexity of safety solutions to increase productivity
• Prioritise design activities related to risk
• Create safer Robotic systems and reduce accidents
• Trust in the quality of our training and our skilled instructors

What you can expect
o By the end of the course, the participant will
o be aware of the relevant standards and best engineering practise relating to integration of safety in
o robotic cells
o learn the common safety mistakes in robotic system integration
o understand the typical control measures to reduce risk
o know which safety technologies can be used to create competitive advantage when using robotic
o systems
o understand different safety strategies and when to apply them

Training contents
• Best practice standards including
• EN ISO 10218 and RIA 15.06.
• Assessment of risk in robotic cells
• Common Hazards and Controls
• Robotic safeguarding techniques
• Safe entry into robotic cell
• Control of Hazardous energy in robotic cells

Target groups
 Technical Personnel, responsible for ensuring robotic system compliance, including Machine Designers
 and Robotic System Integrators
 Maintenance Personnel
 Health and Safety Managers
 Engineering Managers
 Project Engineers in manufacturing plants

495 euro


23 October 2012

More information: opleidingen.pilz.nl23