ESAB WarrioraiR System 04 mrt 2020

ESAB WarrioraiR System
Esab WarrioraiR System

ESAB WarrioraiR System ;  What's in a Name !   Everything so it appears.


Esab WarrioraiR automatic Welders Helmet-Papr-Air System !   Designed for Safety First!


No Nonsense , Real Welders don't want fuss, Real Welders want Quality !


Welders are simply serious people who sensibly determine what they're doing.


A Welding helmet with respiratory air purification must meet a few requirements;


-razor-sharp precision vision where your eyes are as little as possible but you can observe the weld puddle pure as crystal,


-a lightweight fresh air welding helmet with Papr hose and Papr unit that gets in the way of your movements as little as possible and actually feels like it doesn't exist. A fresh-air system you don't realize you're using it.


-a high-quality purification filter that meticulously filters so that you can breathe fresh in a pleasant way in your welding helmet, with the minute overpressure of clean breath air making sure that no welding smoke can come in your automatic welding helmet.


-simple adjustment of essential values such as the darkest arrangement from color 9 to color 13, sensitivity adjustment, the delay settings and no further fuss.


Esab WarrioraiR automatic(adf) Welding-Helmet-Papr-Air System is one of those sets that does it!, just solid, durable and reliable.


Oh, yes, and wait;  also the price of such a system should be No-Nonsense, the price should just be neat, not too high because that too is just important. The WarrioraiR Papr-Air-System has also thought of this, call it sober English Welders Logic or a just a Budget Bargain, an opportunity or just what you might expect as a welder:


The WarrioraiR Lashelm-Papr-System is simply well and neatly priced: € 599,- ex. VAT.